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Culture of Valued Leadership

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Presentations & Workshops

Valued Leadership Programs apply the simple, impactful leadership concept from Mike’s book, Creating A Culture of Valued Leadership to real world organizations. Participants learn specific tactics to make their organization more interesting, innovative and effective.

 These programs, like the book, focus on influencing organizations, whether for-profit or not-for-profit, small or large, to become cultures where all associates, employees, and volunteers are encouraged to contribute leadership.

Mike believes that businesses and organizations that create cultures of valued leadership become places where people are proud to share a piece of their lives. They become places where people enjoy contributing their time and talent. And he believes that creating and participating in such cultures benefit you.

“Life is far too short to allow our valuable professional and volunteer time to be spent in organizational environments where we do not ‘get to play’… to contribute leadership.”

All programs are customized to capture the ‘desired outcomes’ and opportunities of your organization.

The better organizations are at creating cultures of valued leadership, the more they benefit from the leadership contributions of their associates.
— Michael G. Gerken


The Author and Program Leader

— Michael G. Gerken, MBA

During his 45-year-career in the financial services industry, Mike held multiple leadership titles and sets of responsibilities. He served and continues to serve in leadership roles with a variety of civic, not-for-profit, and professional organizations. He conducted hundreds of meetings and conferences for people in leadership roles.

For a significant portion of his career, he had the words “professional development” in his title. “I had the opportunity to teach people to be leaders of their professional lives. I am proud of that. I love the idea that we are the leaders of our personal and professional development.”


I had the opportunity to teach people to be leaders of their professional lives.
I am proud of that.
I love the idea that
we are the leaders
of our personal
and professional development.
— Michael G. Gerken

Presentation & Workshop


Culture of Valued Leadership — What is it? How do we create it?

Increasingly we see organizations struggle to attract, engage and retain talented people. We see repeated breakdowns in the ability of public and private organizations to deliver valued services. Their associates lose enthusiasm and move on. Their clients lose confidence and search for alternatives. In contrast, organizations that encourage all associates to contribute leadership are able to attract, engage, and retain talented people. They deliver valued service. They enhance their client relationships. This program focuses on creating a culture that attracts, engages, retains talented people while expanding the capacity to innovate and enhance outcomes.

 Power of Our Professional Beliefs — Leadership and Organizational Impact.

We all carry around a set of professional beliefs — valid or invalid, recognized or unrecognized, constructive or limiting. Our beliefs can be catalysts for change or obstacles for change. These beliefs shape our potential for results as well as our actual results. It is a challenge to identify our professional beliefs. It is a bigger challenge to view them objectively. This program enables participants to identify their personal professional beliefs, examine whether they are limiting or creating opportunities, and then decide whether to retain, modify, or replace them.

Hello, Silos — What are you doing in there and what can we learn from you?

We humans have a fondness for labels. And we seem to have a natural talent for labeling. Labels become attached to biases, beliefs and ‘facts’ which may or may not be factual. Labels surface quickly in organizations. Labeled areas become ‘silos’ of separation. This program enables organizations to move past the labels and focus on the opportunities.

Program/Workshop Details:


  • Pre-event consultation assures the organization’s ‘desired outcomes’ are defined.

  • Programs are customized to assure those ‘desired outcomes’ are achieved.

Format Options:

  • Keynote presentation.

  • Interactive group presentation.

  • Component for an existing, internal professional development program.

  • Multiple-component workshop to create a Culture of Valued Leadership.

Ideal Program Participants:

  • Senior level leadership teams.

  • Supervisors/ managers.

  • Project teams.

  • Sales professionals and their teams.

  • Sales managers.

  • Coaches, mentors.

Professional Coaching:

  • ‘Next Steps’ For Your Professional Development.

  • Identifying Your Opportunities for Competitive Advantage:  The 4- Step Process.

Program fees

  • Fees are determined based on specific program and format desired:

  • Basic fee for keynote presentation or interactive workshop (60 or 90 minutes) is $2,500 plus any travel expenses. Fee includes pre-event consultation.

  • Basic fee for a half-day (4 hour) interactive workshop is $3,500 plus travel expenses.

  • Fee for full-day (7 hours) or multiple component programs determined based on format.

  • Travel Expenses:

  • Includes airline, ground transportation, meals and lodging, if required.

  • All expenses are agreed to in advance. Receipts provided.


 Additional Presentations & Workshops available:

  • The Language of Leadership.

  • Yes, We Are Different. Leadership Does Not Fit One Model.

  • Your Professional Development- Taking the ‘Next Step’.

  • ‘Next Steps’ — For You, Your Business Units, Your Organization.

  • The Fog of Competency- Selection Based On ‘Readiness’.

  • Becoming Valued- The Mission for Leaders.

Youth- Oriented Organization Programs:

  • Leadership — What Does That Look Like In Young People’s Lives?

You ‘Get- to’ Be the Leader of Your Life.

Not-for-profit Board Of Directors Workshops:

  • ‘Outcomes’ Focused Retreats.  Components include:

  • Defining the ‘Whats’, ‘Whys’ and ‘Desired Outcomes’.

  • Creating a successful program.

  • Strength coaching. Moving past ‘We could do this or that’ thinking

It is a challenge to identify our professional beliefs.
It is a bigger challenge to view them objectively. Recognize these challenges as opportunities.
— Michael G. Gerken
When we label people and ideas, we narrow our perspectives, openness, and receptivity.
— Michael G. Gerken
I believe organizations create opportunities to positively advance by first finding ways to listen and learn. They then continue to positively progress by finding ways to teach and coach.
— Michael G. Gerken
You are the leader of the organization called ’You’. You are the leader of your life.
— Michael G. Gerken


Scheduling Presentation/ Workshops:

Please send a brief description of your organization, desired program, date, time, location and contact information. An initial consultation call will then be scheduled to explore how best to achieve your desired outcomes.

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